Saturday, April 23 2022

The Capitol, St. Paul 
(former site of the Christopher Columbus monument)
Karthik Pandian w/ Mike Forcia (Bad River Anishinaabe)
Sam Aros Mitchell (Texas Band of Yaqui Indians), Leila Awadallah, Lakota “Hokie” Clairmont (Hochunk / Lakota), Cameron Downey, Thomas Draskovic-Chetan Ohitika (Standing Rock Lakota)Douglas R. Ewart, Lela Pierce, Jonathon Rosemond, Akičita Šuŋka-Wakaŋ Ska (Standing Rock Lakota), and Ta Pejuta Wicahpi Win (Hunkpati Dakota Oyate)

IN THE RIVER is a public performance by artist Karthik Pandian, commissioned by Midway Contemporary Art for its Off-Site program. Produced in collaboration with Mike Forcia and an ensemble of Twin Cities-based musicians, dancers, media workers, and activists, IN THE RIVER braids Indigenous prophecy, Black music, and stories of survival to challenge the colonial monument’s claim on space and time. ​​​​​​​


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